Black-Tie Events

Black-Tie Events give countless opportunities for the serious event photographer as these formal events were every body has made a massive effort to appear at their best have a desire for a quality image, carefully crafted and lit by an experienced photographer as apposed to a fuzzy mobile phone snap.

Traditionally guests will have spent a great deal of money on their wardrobe for the event, men with their Dinner Suites, ladies with a new dress and plenty of expensive jewellery, they will also have had their hair especially done and spent a great deal of time with make up and generally making themselves perfect for the event.

The Black-Tie Event calls for:

  • A high end DSLR camera
  • Fast fixed focal length prime lens
  • Basic props such as posing stools or posing tubs
  • Two studio lights with reflector or soft-boxes
  • Laptop Computer
  • Dye-sub printer

The event is perfect for a shoot and sales set up though images must be supplied in slip in folders to give a more rounded professional appearance.

Photographic options:

  • Full length shots
  • Three quarter
  • Head and shoulders

Sales are likely to be single images though multiples purchases are common.

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Last Modified: Tuesday, 21 February 2017