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In the ever-developing world of professional photography many photographers have found events as a lucrative way of adding to their portfolio of services.

Gone are the halcyon days of turning up at an event not only with your camera and studio flash kit, but also with pens, notepads and order forms. Frantically scribbling down names and address and a brief description of the subject and then trying to sort the orders out once the images had come from the lab.

Now Event photographers have all the advantages of digital imaging from cutting edge high-end cameras enabling the customer to view their image immediately via a PC to ordering on the spot and having the images to take away, a revolution in service.

While events have always been around the pro event photographer now has the ability to provide a quality service to clients.

The next goal for the event photographer is to find new clients and that is were the Society of International School and Event Photographers can help.

The organisation also offers advanced training through the Mentoring programme, which address all key skills. The invaluable 'Mentor Me' programme enables our members to receive a one to one appraisal of their work and advice for progression. All evaluation reports include recommendations for participation in training programmes pertinent to personal professional development and it doesn't just stop at reaching Licentiateship. In fact, that is only the beginning on a journey of lifelong learning.

In addition event photographers will also gain access to thousands of fellow pro photographers through the organisations active Forum and be able to enter into our online image competitions.

SISEP is dedicated to providing quality training and mentoring to all that ask and want to progress in professional photography without prejudice or discrimination.

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Last Modified: Monday, 27 January 2020