What to charge for event photography

Pricing products and services is always difficult and this is never truer than with event photography.

When setting the price per print consider that what is required are volume sales, so this would indicate that the price should be somewhat lower than that would be charged for say a studio portrait. With studio portraits more time is spent with each subject and greater care is taken to work with the sitter to produce a more polished result, which is quite often unachievable in a fast moving event photographic environment.

While it is a good idea to find out what others charge for a similar product it is essential that the photographer looks a little deeper and analyses costs. These may include: cost of materials such as printer consumables, wear and tear on equipment, backgrounds and props, travelling expenses and commissions paid to event organisers.

When event photographers are staring out, no matter how good the photographer may it is best not to price themselves out of the market.

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