Online sales for event photographers

Event photography offers the photographer the opportunity to sell on the day in most cases, especially if it is a social event. However other types of event mean that potential customers can be missed.

The preferred way around this particular conundrum is to utilize your dedicated event photography web site.

The event photographer has a choice of having an online sales facility incorporated on his or her own web site or to use the facilities of a dedicated provider.

Should the event photographer choose the former than password protected albums must be created along with an ordering facility. Needless to say that this must be secure, as credit cards will have to be accepted.

Customers can browse through the images at leisure and then place an order immediately without leaving their PC.

An easier approach is to use an online picture proofing service, however most companies will take a commission on sales or make some other charge for the service. Many will provide templates for ease of use, with some being able to be incorporated in the photographers own web site.

At the event it is essential that cards are distributed to potential customers with the appropriate password for that particular event included.

Generally speaking it is best to have short simple URLS, long and complicated URLS lead to mistypes and frustration and can encourage potential customers to give up trying.

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