First Impression Count

If you are in the only photographer in your locality then you may well get the job regardless, however in this competitive age competition soon comes along and your business will suffer as a consequence.

So for event photographers as in any other business first impression counts.

So what does the customer see first? It may be an event photographers website, seeing the photographer in action at an event, an advert in a magazine or newspaper, flyer or a business card passed on from another customer.

The customers then will usually make contact either by telephone or via email, whichever the route then the same professionalism must count. Emails must be handled promptly and courteously with precise information. When appropriate examples of recent work can be forwarded, however the purpose in replying must be to arrange a meeting with the customer, which will give the opportunity to the photographer to explain their services and finalise the bookings.

A similar approach must be taken with a telephone call, keep cheerful and remember the old adage and that is to try to smile when you are speaking on the phone.

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