Getting started

  • Camera. Don't go for anything too entry-level since it won't help your credibility and it won't stand up to prolonged pro treatment - but something like a Canon EOS 7D or a Nikon D300s would be more than suitable without breaking the bank.
  • Lenses Event photographers should look to invest in decent glass which, traditionally, would be slightly long for portrait type event photography. The portrait lens of old was around 80mm since its perspective flattered the subject while allowing the photographer to keep a reasonable distance from their subject. You are unlikely to need anything wide (tends to distort) or long (you don't need to be miles away from your subject) so one good medium range zoom should be sufficient.
  • Tripod: For people photography, very important. After all on a busy event shoot then it is best not to be picking up and put down the camera as it increases the risk of damage, especially if someone inadvertently stands on it. It is also gives your subjects an instant focal point when couples and groups are being arranged.
  • Lights These are crucial, and you'll need at least two for people shots, creative lighting is not essential, just consistent. Battery powered electronic flash's are available though it is important that fully charged back up batteries are to hand especially if you have a busy event.
  • Backgrounds You can go for paper rolls, painted backgrounds or cloth. However cloth backgrounds tend to be more durable and cost effective. A background support system is a must, though as with your electronic flash system it has to be fairly light weight and portable, with the added benefit of being quick and easy to assemble.
  • Props While lots of props are unnecessary, posing stools or posing tubs are essential so the subjects can be quickly placed in a relatively pleasing composition.
  • Laptop computer for receiving and outputting the images, as with any computer the higher the spec the better, as this will directly effect the speed of production.
  • Dye sub printer for output and direct sales, again higher the spec the better as again speed is of the essence at an event. Always remember to plenty of consumable items with you, as running out half way through the event can be frustrating and costly.


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