Credit card facilities

Generally the rule of thumb with event photography is to shoot and sell at the event. While many customers will be prepared to pay in cash some will prefer to pay by debit or credit cards.

It is therefore important that the event photographer arranges a credit card merchant facility with their bank, as this will have a direct benefit to sales. Research indicates that an increase of 20% in sales can be gained through accepting credit cards.

Most customers find paying on credit or debit cards convenient as they retain their cash for other items at the event.

It is advisable that the event photographer invests in a portable card terminal, as this will avoid being tied to a telephone landline. Using a mobile terminal means that the transaction is authorised (or declined) immediately giving the event photographer the satisfaction that the payment has been made.

Customers also feel happier that the card number is not retained and that they have been able to enter in their PIN number.

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