At the Event

Sometimes it is beneficial to offer the organisers a door prize, this can be used for a raffle prize or whatever, and the immediate benefit to the photographer is that they get some extra publicity at the event.

If the offer is made some time before then in return a mention in the event organiser's literature may be gained.

Always arrive at the event in plenty of time for you to set up and check out all of the photographic equipment. Getting there late and in a rush will lead to disasters and things not working out to plan.

Always dress and act in a professional courteous manner, and if the event is a social occasion be prepared for the occasionally rowdy group. Handle the partygoers with grace and diplomacy.

Remember to carry business cards to give out to potential customers. These should not be confined to just events, as occasionally customers will ask about other services including family portraits and weddings.

It is also a good idea to have a portfolio of work with you just in case potential customers ask about other services.

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