Advertising for event photographers is essential

If your aspiration is to be an event photographer then you have to find customers, there are many advertising routes that you can choose from, however a mixture is often a safer bet.

First of all decide on the geographic area that you are prepared to travel in, while a national or even international client based is appealing it would initially stretch the marketing budget, with the risk of an unfocused campaign.

So if the immediate locality is the target then local newspapers are a way of getting your name around quickly, especially if the free home delivered publications are available. However these ads are good for getting your name around and other more targeted promotions would be beneficial.

Flyers and posters appropriately placed around the community, showing some examples of work have greater impact as they can be tailored specifically for the location that they are to be displayed.

A more dynamic approach would be to network with those who provide venues for events. However once contact has been made them it is essential that continued channels of communication are maintained.


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