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Maurizio Cecchini is a member of The Society of International School and Event Photographers

Maurizio Cecchini
Maurizio Cecchini Photography
22 Hyde Park Gate

Tel:- +44 7578 614 614
facebook:- Maurizio Cecchini Photography

Born and brought up in Rome and currently living in London for the past 20 years. As part of my previous carrels I travelled the world extensively.

I am a Senior Freelance International Photographer and my trademark is to think out of the box. I am Based in West London, and I do travel abroad to do my shootings (Europe, Asia, and Americas)

The work I do varies from corporate, to artist headshots, to lifestyle and family shots.

I donít take average photos, I create Masterpieces, freezing the emotion and making it unforgettable!

I bring heaps of knowledge and enthusiasm to every photo shoot.

From start to finish, I strive to provide the highest standards of service across all I do, with both individuals or companies.

Every shooting is initiated by a meeting, this helps us create a mood-board together and focus on details that make the difference and deliver a unique experience and outcome.

My portfolio demonstrates exceptional photographic vision and art direction skills across all disciplines.

I do appreciate the awkwardness for your first moment in front of the camera, and I will draw the best out of you in a natural and fun way !
To help you with this, I have a mobile studio Neewer unit with backdrop that I bring to your home and set up so that your environment is familiar and we can take our time.
Alternative I can book a photo studio if that's more suitable for you.
My pricing is reasonable so please feel free to contact me and discuss your needs

I can offer a half day package or a full day package, get in touch for more info !

I generally work alone but if your project requires extra support I have a network of collaborators who can assist with the photography, video making, shooting using drones to deliver your perfect reportage, short documentaries and videos.

Other services such as a make up artist, a florist or any other props to set up the scene can be arranged.

I am have extensive experience with :

  • Corporate
  • Events
  • Party
  • Back Stage Movies and Actors or Actress
  • Fashion -
  • Portraits -
  • Family and Pets, Headshots
  • Boudoir
  • Sport : Personal Trainers, Yoga, Dressage and Jumping
  • ArtWork for Auctions
  • Interior Design and Property

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