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SWPP Creates New Opportunities for School and Event Photographers - part 1 of 1


December 2008

It has been clear for some while that the web site serves wedding and portrait photographers well by creating consumer traffic flow and referrals for our members, however, members who specialise in non-social or other fields do not receive the same benefits. This is simply down to the main focus of the web site and it's content, which includes a high key word density for the words 'wedding' and 'portrait'. We have therefore decided to create seven new organisations with their own focused URLs.

They will share the benefit of the SWPP e.g.. Professional Imagemaker, Forum, mentoring, etc. BPPA distinctions can be exchanged for the appropriate alternative though those who do not wish to lose their L, A or FBPPA may retain them.

The sites are 'new' and we have laid out the basic structure; over time we will be increasing the content of each site.

We feel this positive step forward will bring added visibility to our members and help bring more clients to our members' sites.

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