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Event Photography Tips - Tip 4 - part 1 of 1

by Mike Orr Published

Tip 4

Hints and Tips for Event Photographers by Mike Orr

You should aim to keep the photography simple. A complex, setup doesn't necessarily indicate that you will make more money. It just means that you have to put more effort into setting up and breaking down! You can easily use just one studio light with a big softbox. If you set it centrally and shoot from underneath, any shadows will fall behind your subjects and the softbox will spill enough light to give you nice, even illumination. If you want to use 2 lights then set them up in the usual 45° the shooting position but more than 2 lights is just plain excessive!

Wireless flash triggers are better than sync cables as that makes one less thing for your customers to trip over, and custom white balancing using something like the superb Expodisc gives better results than relying on the camera's auto white balance. Finally, take and print test pictures and make adjustments to either the camera or the lights until your test prints are spot on. You can then concentrate on posing and shooting, knowing that every picture will be perfect.

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