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Event Photography Tips - Tip 3 - part 1 of 1

by Mike Orr Published

Tip 3

Hints and Tips for Event Photographers by Mike Orr

Preparation is one of the keys to successful event photography. Don't assume that the kit you took with you two weeks ago still works fine (it should, but don't assume it will!). Check the kit a couple of days before the event.

Have a check list of everything you think you will need at the event and check off all the items - include things like extension leads and multiway adapters (you never know where the electricity supply is likely to be!)

Arrive early at the venue. This allows you to: a) sort out the best position you can; b) get contact cards on the tables; c) set up your signs in useful places; d) sort out your workflow; and e) decide on backgrounds. Although you should have an idea about all of these you would be amazed how much can change when you actually get to the venue and the last thing you want to be doing is still be setting up when paying customers are arriving!

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