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Event Photography Tips - Tip 2 - part 1 of 1

by Mike Orr Published

Tip 2

Event Photographery Tips by Mike Orr

OK - so assuming we have accepted the fact that we need 'instant printing', the next thing we need is an 'instant printer'.

What does our printer need to do? It needs to provide photo quality images; it needs to provide them quickly; it needs to be reliable and the prints need to be durable. This rules out inkjet printers as they are slow, use expensive ink at a phenomenal rate, have to be constantly monitored to make sure there are no paper jams, one of the cartridges isn't running out etc, and the prints have to dry before they can be handled.

What does that leave us with then? - yes, dye-sublimation printers! These are fast (typically 18-30 seconds for a 9x6"), you can leave them alone and the 1st print will be exactly the same as the 100th (200/300th etc) and the prints are not only dry when they come out of the machine they are also UV resistant and waterproof! The three basic types of dye-subs are 'stand alone' which work with or without a pc/mac (e.g. HiTi P510S); 'laptop' which require a pc/mac to work (e.g. Mitsubishi CP9550DW) and 'system' which have their own head-unit and operating system (e.g. Mitsubishi Click). The printer you decide on will depend on your workflow and budget.

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