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Event Photography Tips - Tip 1 - part 1 of 1

by Mike Orr Published

Tip 1

Event Photography Tips - Event Photographers and Call-Girls!

Hints and Tips for Event Photographers by Mike Orr

If you are interested in making money from event photography then instant printing is a must. Why can't I just sell them on-line, you may ask? The answer to this lies in a tenet promulgated by some American marketers a while ago now called the 'Call-Girl Principle'.

This basically states that the interest in or value of any product or service declines in direct proportion to the time elapsed since the product or service was provided - which is why (so I'm told) call-girls ask for payment up front! Dragging you back to event photography for a minute, this means that your customer's interest in the picture you have just taken is highest just after you have taken it. The more time that elapses after the picture was taken, the less interest. Therefore, to sell more pictures and make more money you need instant printing. Q.E.D!

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