sisep member Jonathan Sheath

Isle of Wight

Jonathan Sheath is a member of The Society of International School and Event Photographers

Jonathan Sheath
Wight Bride Photography
Isle of Wight
facebook:- Wight Bride Photography

Style: Confident, professional and creative

Events covered: We will cover all types of events from village fetes to pet shows to music festivals.

Working locally on single day events or across the whole of England and Wales for multi-day events.

Mr greatest strengths: My reliability and dependability. I always attempt to ensure my clients requirements are met and if possible exceeded.

I been a photographer: Hobbyist for 6 years, semi-pro for just a year.

Attempting to become a full time professional.

How did you get started: My daughter studied photography at GCSE and A-level. I used to go on assignment shoots with her which gave me the bug to become more involved in this business.

The area I cover is: England and Wales

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