sisep member John Holliday


John Holliday is a member of The Society of International School and Event Photographers

John Holliday
The Old Stores
North Street

Tel:- +44 1621 834 854
Mobile:- +44 7802 736 734
facebook:- GreatPhoto

John Holliday has an Image Exhibition here.

Photographic services offered

Black Tie Events
Business photography
Candid photos taken throughout the night
Charity Events
Childrens Parties
Christmas Party Photographs
College Balls
Corporate Event Photography
Corporate Portraits
Custom Event Photography
Digital Event Photography
Digital Restoration
Dinner Dances
Drama Productions
Engagement Parties
Event Photography Cheerleading
Formal Dinner and Dance Photography
Fun Photos
Graduation Balls
Group Photography
Ladies Festivals
Leavers Ball Photography
Location Printing Service
May Balls
Military and Other Reunions
New Year Eve Balls
Office Party Photography
Passport Photo
Photo Manipulation And Restoration Services
Portraits Available Immediately to View or Purchase
Posed Portraits As Your Guests Arrive
Prize Givings
Professional Event Photography
Small Large Occasions Tailored Packages
Social Events
Student and School Events
Student Balls
Summer Ball Photography

Other services offered related to School and Event photography
Portable Portrait Studio Backdrop
Portable Studio Flash and Or Lighting As Required
Studio and Location Work
Printing Services
Framed enlargements
Images for websites
On Site Printing
Online Order Service
Personal online gallery after the photo shoot for previewing.
Same Day Printing
Paypall accepted

Status: Semi Professional Photographer

What special equipment or props do you have for School and Events: Wireless transmision of photographs from the camera enabling shooting away from a fixed location. On site printing up to 9"x6". Battery powered studio lighting if the location can not provide mains electricity.

What do you particularly enjoy about photographing events: Meeting different people

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