Dan Archer is a member of The Society of International School and Event Photographers

Dan Archer
Dan Archer Photography
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After Dinner Speaking
Ball Photographer
Banqueting Photography
Black Tie Events
Business Presentations

Candid Photos Taken Throughout The Night

Charity Event
Children's Parties
Christening-Naming Ceremony
Christmas Party Photographs
College Balls
Conference and Event Videos
Corporate Communication Films
Corporate Communications Photography
Corporate Event Photography
Corporate Events
Corporate Portraits
Corporate Videos
Custom Event Photography
Digital Event Photography
Dinner Dances
Drama Productions
Engagement Parties
Event Photography Cheerleading
Event Photography For Publicity
Film And TV Productions
Film Premieres
Formal Dinner And Dance Photography
Fun Photos
Golf Days
Graduation Ball
Group Photography

Highly Experienced With All Ceremony Types
Hospitality Event Photography
Ladies Festivals
Location Video
Military And Other Reunions
Mobile Event Photography
Motor Racing
National Coverage
New Year Eve Ball
Office Party Photography
Outdoor Event Photography
Passing Out Parades
Pop Concerts

Portable Portrait Studio Backdrop
Portable Studio Flash and or Lighting As Required
Portraits Available Immediately To View Or Purchase
Posed Portraits As Your Guests Arrive
Prize Givings
PTA Dinners
Professional Event Photography
Service Covering All National and Local Events
Small or Large Occasions Tailored Packages

Social Events
Sports Tournaments
Stag And Hen Event
Student and School Events
Student Ball
Studio and Location Work
Summer Ball Photography
Training and Gradings
Under 16 Rugby and Football
Universal Event Photography
Water Sports

Newspapers: TTG (The Travel Gazette) Travel Weekly, various Polish and Cypriot newspapers

Magazines: Transliving. Elite Online Magazine. FixE Magazine.

Advertising: Mainly websites and the odd flyer.

Other info: Various travel and AiTO publications.

How long: many years, Only recently I have had the time to continue.

Started: needed an outlet for my ideas and creative side.

Published: various countries in magazines and newspapers.

Inspires: Everything inspires me as does everyone I speak to and serve.

Favourite locations: No single one, everywhere is an opportunity and has merit. If I had to choose one place it would be Mauritius.

Other than photography: Music, theatre and people.

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